Sorry About the Gaming Channel (LamarrPlays)

So, I explained this in both the Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze video on my main channel and on a temporary video on the gaming channel that is soon to be deleted, but for those latecomers, I wanted to write it out.

I’m an idiot.

I was told by my Youtube rep to NOT make a separate gaming channel and to keep everything on my current channel because he had analyzed my channel and saw audience patterns and said that I have different audiences who watch different things. Some like gaming, some like tech, some like comedy, and some like everything, so just playlist everything and keep it on OneChannel (get it, that’s why YouTube called the last major change that).

Plus, since my account is older, it has various protections that a brand new account would NOT have for copyright, monetization, etc.

My network manager told me the exact same thing in a separate conversation. But, I bowed to the audience pressure of making a “gaming channel” as well as my own pressure in thinking I needed to separate content.  Now the account has issues.  I should have learned from the gaming issues back in December with several accounts with copyright, etc but I didn’t.

So long story short, I’m going to close down the gaming channel in a day or two, and consolidate everything into one stream. That actually is better for the audience: One thing to subscribe to, and you pick/choose what you want to watch. Don’t like gaming? Don’t watch them.

I’ll have the gaming vids come out almost, if not daily, and when I do a regular Lamarr Wilson news or other vid, it’ll come out 6-8 hours later so it won’t bump heads much. I’ve seen Chris Pirillo do it for over a year with his life vlogs and tech videos so I know it’s a go. Plus, I have nothing to lose on my channel anymore, so why not?

So there you go, and I apologize for making you all go round and round, wasn’t my intention, and I hope you forgive my bad business decision making. I’m fixing the issues now!